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KAMA SUTRA love-color-book

Love and… paint!

From the front, from the back, on the car, in the forest... These coloring pages for adults aren't called Valentines for nothing. Not only will they entertain you, but they may also become an inspiration for couples. They depict all the positions of love and sex - classic, but also more peppery, which may make you blush, and also those that will give even experienced yogis a hard time. Just like in Kamasutra!
The dirty coloring books have exactly 40 pages. And yes, not only hetero couples can find inspiration here. Love books are fiercely modern, so you'll find sex and cuddling between same-sex lovers.

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Colouring pencils Maped Color'Peps 24 ks

Do you have coloring books as a gift, but don't know if the recipient will have colouring pencils? Why dont you by these right now? The package contains 24 colouring pencils with a cheerful design.

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Dictators in life, but tame as lambs in the bedroom? Or on the contrary, dicktators in the bedroom, but lambs in life? This canvas bag will raise a wave of emotions and questions. Do you dare to go shopping or on a date with her?

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Why erotic coloring books?

My name is Tomáš and I have created raunchy coloring pages for adults that will not leave puritans cold and sex education teachers dry. You may know me from Instagram @dickobraz_book, where I create content to support coloring books, share my business journey and the development of new coloring books, but most of all I have fun. If I'm not packing packages, creating new coloring pages or something....  I'm at home cooking, listening to music, or just hanging out with my partner and the animals.