I have already attended the erotic trade fair twice, both of these visits took place in Prague, the first in 2022 and the second in 2023. Because I was always a newcomer at this trade fair, it was quite costly for me. Nevertheless, the expenses were always covered, so I primarily viewed it as a marketing opportunity. This year, I received a recommendation from other exhibitors to attend VENUS, which was relatively close and had a large attendance. I decided to consider it.

Finally, I contacted the organizers of VENUS to inquire about the pricing and other details. Because I had limited products and didn't need much space, we agreed on a booth that was 6 square meters in size, which I obtained for around 1250 €, including electricity and booth construction.

Although this was a fairly high amount, I saw it as an investment with the expectation of a return. Invoices arrived gradually, first to the organizers, then for booth construction, and finally for electricity, which cost approximately 250 €. Wi-Fi was unnecessary, as there was a strong signal.

The time for the trade fair itself arrived, which took place from Thursday to Sunday. On the eve of the trade fair, we prepared the booth to be ready for the following day.

Thursday: The first day had few visitors, mainly curious onlookers who watched various shows but did not make purchases. For me, it was not a very successful day, as I only sold eight coloring books.

Friday: The morning was still quiet, but after lunch, more people started to arrive, including couples, curious visitors, and regular trade fair attendees. Sales improved, but I was still waiting for larger sales.

Saturday: This day was very demanding with a massive number of visitors. Even on the extensive floor, it often took half an hour to move from one end of the hall to the other. Many people came just for entertainment and alcohol, not for shopping. However, sales improved, especially for coloring books and crocheted underwear.

Sunday: This day was somewhat quieter than Saturday in terms of the number of visitors, but in terms of sales, it was similar. People still wanted to make some purchases before leaving the trade fair. The trade fair ended around seven in the evening, but by around six, there were significantly fewer visitors, most of whom were already quite intoxicated.

At VENUS, you'll encounter various types of people, from those wearing latex to older and younger individuals, partially or completely naked, looking sexy, and sometimes with striking appearances. It's important to approach the trade fair with an open mind and without judgment.

Overall, I positively evaluate my participation in VENUS 2023; the expenses were covered, and I gained new customers and experiences from this international trade fair.