Do you already have the coloring books in your basket, as well as the crayons. But what about the DickObraz stickers or the DICKTÁTOR Tote bag? Here you will find additional sales to our coloring books.

Handmade Crocheted Penis from Chenille Yarn - 10 inch

Discover our unique Handmade Crocheted Penis, a fun and original item that's sure to bring laughter and surprise! Crafted from high-quality Chenille Yarn, this novelty product is not only amusing but also soft and durable. With a length of 27 cm, it's the perfect size for a gag gift, party favor, or a bold piece of home decor.

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Dictators in life, but tame as lambs in the bedroom? Or on the contrary, dicktators in the bedroom, but lambs in life? This canvas bag will raise a wave of emotions and questions. Do you dare to go shopping or on a date with her?

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